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    FREE Technical Support

    For free technical support, please send us an email to support AT, or call us at +1 408 452 8111, option 2. Since we are usually busy assisting CAEPIPE licensed users worldwide, ensure your email subject line says: EVALUATION USER for a quick response. We can also work with you one-on-one. Please contact us first to get help via Live Remote Support. Thank you.

    Our Philosophy

    Quite simply, we want to meet and exceed your expectation in a timely manner.

    To do this successfully, we offer:

    • Access at all times through direct telephone (no "voicemail jail"), facsimile and email
    • Qualified (M.S., Ph.D) and experienced (over 10 years) personnel
    • An aggressive commitment to enhance and maintain the products, and Cheerful promptness

    This is no claim to perfection. But, we pride ourselves in providing great overall service. If you find any quirks, please mention them so we can iron them out. We want you to be satisfied.