Design. Analysis. Translation.
And more.

A "one stop" resource to finish plant design and
detailed engineering projects on time at a fraction
of typical price points.


Quick Solutions. Proven Reliability.
Improved Profitability.

CAEPIPE pipe stress analysis software gives
analysts exactly what they need to do their jobs
as effectively as possible.


Time-saving code-compliance
software. For designers!

Enables designers to self-check for basic
piping code compliance. Frees your engineers
for critical pipe stress analyses.


Transfer entire piping systems
with a mere mouse-click.

Import from a wide range of plant design software
to convert to CAEPIPE, CAESAR-II or other.
Save time. Reduce errors. Increase productivity.


Your industry's first "real world"
clash check software.

Helps avoid lost productivity due to shutdown
and expensive post-commissioning repair costs.

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Watch this fast, fun, and easy to understand explanation of what CAEPIPE pipe stress analysis software is and how it is used throughout the world.


Basic Pipe Stress Analysis Tutorial

It is common practice worldwide for piping designers to route piping by considering mainly space, process and flow constraints (such as pressure drop) and other requirements arising from constructability, operability and reparability. Unfortunately, pipe stress analysis requirements are often not sufficiently considered while routing and supporting piping systems, especially in providing adequate flexibility to absorb expansion/contraction of pipes due to thermal loads...

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