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Transform your designs into code-compliant piping systems with CAEPIPE Piping Stress Analysis Software.

You can learn to use it in 20 minutes, maybe less. Download a full-featured, evaluation version of CAEPIPE pipe stress analysis software - for FREE!
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About that FREE version of CAEPIPE...

It's true: the FREE version of CAEPIPE pipe stress analysis software is full-featured with no time limit. It lets you work with any pipe size and allows you to model up to 20 nodes. If your piping systems are small, the free version is all you need. Use it free with our compliments.If your piping systems exceed 20 nodes, CAEPIPE's fully-scaled version delivers powerful capabilities and easy-to-learn features so you can rapidly design and analyze piping systems of practically any size or complexity with the least effort.

By the way, CAEPIPE works on your system:

Windows: 32 or 64-bit Processor, XP / Vista / Win 7 / Win 8
Mac OS: Use Parallels or similar Windows virtual environment
Linux / Unix: Use Wine or any other Windows emulator

Download CAEPIPE for FREE!

You could read the specs for a new powerful sports car, but wouldn't you rather drive it?

It's no different with CAEPIPE - our piping stress analysis solution. Download your FREE, full-featured, edition with no time limit.

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Why do piping pros like you prefer CAEPIPE?

  • Designed by piping engineers who understand your job
  • World-class solution for pipe stress engineers in energy, process and aerospace sectors
  • Dedicated piping stress analysis solution, not a copied together and repackaged CAD program
  • Practical and intuitive, flexible and nimble, mature and robust
  • Unmatched speed with tight coding and zero bloatware
  • Long-term clients including ABB, BP, ConEd, Exxon, Northrop, and Swedish Inspecta
  • Most responsive support in the industry
  • Anyone - including you - can try CAEPIPE for FREE!

SST pioneered pipe stress analysis software for the PC with the introduction of CAEPIPE and continues to lead the industry with the best inclass capabilities, most cost-effective, productive, and easiest-to-learn software available.

What can you do with CAEPIPE?

  • Multiply Your Productivity — Design piping systems for optimum configuration in the shortest time.
  • Expand Your Capabilities — Model and analyze in 3D for effects of weight, 10 pressures and temperatures, earthquake, wind, time varying and harmonic loads, and more.
  • Explore the Possibilities — Perform easy "what if" scenarios to evaluate alternate designs.
  • Ensure Your Compliance — Account automatically for piping codes (ANSI, ASME, B31, International) and guidelines (NEMA, API).
  • Streamline Your Workflow — Import piping geometry and design data from platforms such as AutoCAD Plant 3D, PDMS, PDS/SmartPlant, Autoplant and more.
  • Share Your Work — Export data to major plant design systems such as AVEVA and CADMATIC and to PCF format (to help in generation of
  • Present Your Ideas — Display designs with industry-standard OpenGL ® graphics.
  • Make Your Case — Create clear, formatted reports with a few clicks.
  • Convince Your Customers — Let them evaluate your designs using the FREE version of CAEPIPE, which doubles as a pipe stress model and results viewer. No other pipe stress software gives you this powerful capability!

See for yourself — try CAEPIPE pipe stress analysis software for FREE!

CAEPIPE performs linear and non-linear, static and dynamic pipe stress analysis of piping systems of any complexity, in any industry. TECHNICAL FEATURES